FOUNDED by José Pereira Álvarez it starts its fishing activity in 1955 with craft boats that fished mainly in the North Atlantic, in the Gran Sol Zone. The first boat name was the Pelícano where iron men sailed in wooden boats.

IN A SECOND STAGE, they began to work with medium size boats and with the innovation of freezing on board, which facilitated the conservation an improved the quality of the products. The vessels mainly fished in Morocco and Mauritania Fisheries.

IN A THIRD STAGE a complete renewal of the fleet is carried out and modern technologies are introduced in the fishing sector. At this moment Fisheries Agreement are set and Joint enterprise with local partners are created. Vessels mainly fished in Namibia, Senegal and Falkland Islands Fisheries..

"NOWADAYS, The group of companies is vertically integrated, covering all the food chain areas, from the fish, processing, marketing and distribution. The vessels fished mainly in the Atlantic Ocean Fishing Grounds, in countries such as Mauritania, Namibia, Senegal, South Africa and Falkland Islands. The fleet has grown and sail the whole world but the same purpose of compromise with the environment and the respect for the sea is still preserved”